Scalability Engineers

Key Features

DBaaS Development

We design and deploy custom based database management system that offers your organization significant financial, operational, and strategic benefits like cost savings, scalability-up and down, data and application security, reduced risk and software quality etc.

Our T-SQL experts have decades of experience in database development and can convert your business requirements into highly scalable and optimized procedures, functions and scripts.

We have a team who has experience in vast number of domains like Banking, Payment Processing, Insurance, Travel, Retail, Healthcare and Government services to name some of them.

Our team is capable of understanding already written complex programs and make enhancements in them. You can count on us when it comes to writing scalable, optimized and clean code which follows industry standards and guidelines.


The database is the heart of any software application, so making sure that it is functioning correctly is essential. Our experts help in checking that everything is in order with regards to the database. We search for any weak spots in the code in order to provide efficient refactoring. Data is of no use if it is not correct. Our testing team ensures that the results you see are correct.

The testing team works in collaboration with Development team to understand the requirements and makes sure that all results are properly verified, documented, bugs properly raise in the ticketing tool, bugs closed and re-verified. They also look out for the opportunities to automate their tests to minimize efforts and maximize accuracy of tests.

Code Review

If your organization has frequent code releases with large number of objects, our code review team can be a life saver for you. Our comprehensive checklist of things, that needs to be reviewed before the code goes live can prevent many of the production issues that typically come after a code release.

We have well documented best practices and guidelines of points which can become a showstopper in production. This is not only a face saver before your client but also reduces lots of effort that must be put if something goes wrong.

Analysis and Database Design

We identify the purpose of your database, analyze it and then design, create, implement and maintain your database. A good database design also allows you to easily access and retrieve data whenever needed. Whether you are developing a database system which will host terabytes of data or a small in-house application, we can help you develop the design keeping in mind the future growth aspects of your application.

Any design should be flexible enough to accommodate future enhancements and changes and should be robust enough to handle the ever-increasing volumes of data as the organization grows. If you have a legacy system, which is proving inefficient as the time passes, we are there to help you as well. We have completely re-designed database applications for some of our clients which proved game changer for their business later.

Implementation and Data Loading

Data loading for migration is often a complex process. We provide you with experts that uses special software and tools to make that process simple for you.