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Scalability Engineers

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We work with your teams to help in gathering, managing, and extracting value from massive databases as well as optimizing your data performance. We manage servers with TeraBytes of memory and hundreds of CPU cores.

While the industry considers even 100s of active sessions daunting enough, we manage them in 1000s and still deliver SLAs of 1100 transactions per second.

We've got you covered round the clock, 365 days a year with some of the best DBA support, developers, analytics, and integration professionals in the industry.


We offer specialized services that streamlines your organizational data to ensure you extract more from it at a reduced cost.

DBA Services

From assessment to upgrade to full service support.

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Database Development

To have optimum performance all the time by monitoring & tuning all parameters.

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Performance Tuning

Optimizing all performance parameters all the time.

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Simplify your TDS processes through automation to improve productivity and reduce human errors.

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Data Warehousing

Help simplify your management decisions based on the right set of data available in a single database.

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Data Visualization

Present your data in an aesthetically pleasing and meaningful format.

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Testing as a Service

We offer a wide range of testing solutions to ensure your customers will have the experience you promise them.

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Technologies We Help Manage

Latest Insights

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“We have partnered with Scalability Engineers for some of our most critical projects. They come across as a very committed and dedicated team of experts with good technical acumen and great reliability. Excellent work Amit & Team. Keep up the good work.”
Photo by Radu Florin
Prashanth Ashwathram


“Really good, you have saved our business! I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it.”
Photo by Radu Florin
Deepak Vadithala


“We partnered scalability engineers to support as professional service to our customers. They are very serious company and professionals available almost every hour. They come to the solution in the shortest and most efficient way, I would especially like to note the suresh that a few years ago managed to save a database to one of the largest companies with which we work, highly recommend.”
Photo by Radu Florin
Zohar Zilber


“Starting a new partnership is always a risk. But I never felt that way with the Scalability Engineers team and Amit Pandey. From the start, we were aligned and we went to work. We’ve had our ups and our downs but those downs made us a stronger team. Solvegy and Scalability Engineers are building something truly special”
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Dipesh Patel



If you are an individual who gets inspired by learning technology, Team Scalability Engineers is the place for you. Our mission is to help clients with their data and database solutions. We accomplish that by creating such a working environment so that our team members always be on a self-rediscovery path by being always ahead of the evolving technology curve in the industry.
Join us in our journey to be the best IT service-providing company !