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With a team of more than 70 experienced database professionals and DBA experts, you get a 24*7*365 availability from us. Data is the most important asset in the Globe right now. Every one of us here at Scalability engineers’ values that more than anything else. So, we place the best group of highly talented and technologically advanced people in helping you protect your most valuable asset, i.e., DATA. Our team provides you 360° all-around support in database management, migration, and monitoring environment, either on-prem or on the cloud, depending on your requirement. Our specialized database skills enable us to service and support complex mixed technology environments – including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, Azure DB.
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With more than 10-15 years of experience in DBA, we offer to give you the broadest DBA base possible

Remote DBA Service is a complete DBMS solution with proactive management, 24x7 monitoring, and active resolution to alerting issues. Scalability Engineers experienced and certified DBAs provide assurance around the clock.

Database performance optimization can be an incredibly difficult task, particularly when working with large-scale data where even the most minor change can have a dramatic (positive or negative) impact on performance.

Database security and audits are one of the most important compliance components that need to be set up properly and quickly so that your organization does not miss out on business opportunities requiring the storage of user data.

High Availability (HA) provides a failover solution in the event a server, or database failure. Disaster Recovery (DR) provides a recovery solution in the event of a disaster that causes an entire data center to fail. Developing a HA/DR strategy can be challenging.

Get help with migrating SQL Server databases and workloads into Microsoft Azure SQL, Managed SQL servers, and Azure SQL VMs. Our DBAs are experienced in the various techniques to transfer your Databases and get your Azure infrastructure configured correctly to meet your business needs.

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Get real-world solutions and consultation from professional DBAs on all your database requirements by our remote DBA service. Scalability Engineers provides complete database administration services like database maintenance, monitoring, optimization, upgrade, or performance tuning of your database setting. We provide best-in-class services to a few leading firms. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of databases and helps you implement best-suited solutions post an intensive analysis of your structure needs and business goals.

Our 24/7 support and dedicated teams will assist you to plan, implement, and manage your databases, on-premise or in the cloud. Our team proactively monitors 24*7 with SLA-driven delivery which provides your databases high availability and guaranteed up-time, show-stopper performance glitches, and the peace of mind that your critical business data is in safe hands.

These services are structured to allow clients the flexibility to choose the engagement model which suits their needs.

Below are the three engagement models

With this model, we will work with your DBA team as a support or a helping hand. With this ongoing process, you can take the help of our experienced DBA consultants on advanced solutions as per your needs. You will be the owner of the database, we will be your helping hands.

With technologies advancing exponentially, it is difficult to have all the resources with you. Scalability takes care of that situation for you. Adding a specific DBA consultant from Scalability Engineers provides you with the specialized expertise that will help you speed up the database project.

Bring us on board and focus on the other aspects of your business, as your DBA services will be completely 24*7*365 be handled by us with 360° support by highly experienced DBAs. We will have complete ownership and responsibility of your database. This will allow you to use your resources to expand and grow other parts of your business.