Tailored database strategy to solve business issues and help you achieve required Scalability.


DBA Services

“Our Database administrators (DBAs) are specialized in usage of SQL database tools to securely store and efficiently organize your data. What makes us different from others? We look at each aspect of database administration at very granular level for its optimized functionality. Thus leaving no incident on chance. Our DBAs are proficient in capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and recovery of your SQL database.”

Database Development and Architecture

“We deeply understand your database requirements. With us you get design skills and profound knowledge of relational data. Our developers are proficient in the planning, designing, and development of new database applications, major changes to existing applications; and the administration and management of your data and metadata. We nurture ourselves daily through the problems with the help of strong problem solving skills clubbed with positive attitude and thrust for knowledge.”


Performance tuning is the improvement of system performance. This helps your server to get optimized in its functioning. Our Performance tuning experts are fully competent Architects and Sr. DBAs who are experienced and equipped to provide you 360 degree view of your performance issues. We completely resolve your each single performance problem either from hardware or from query code. Additionally, we help you with Scalability Analysis of your database environment. Taking it from a simple live example – where today you are able to process about a million transactions in a day. We are able to help you in estimating the level of scalability which can be achieved with current database environment. This also includes the assistance with all the changes which are required to implement the level of scalability.

Our Database high availability tasks allow you to retain database services and data integrity if issues occur with your database. This gives you improved availability of your database by minimizing the perceived downtime for users. Our Experts in HA and DR understand your specific pain area to provide a workable solution which is going to cater all your requirements. We understand that in HA and DR more than one solutions needed for each environment. Using our experience we help you minimize the cost of HA and DR while ensuring that your needs are getting fulfilled.

With our experience – we know that alerting for your SQL should be very smart and should comply with your business requirements. Or else, it is either going to produce scarcity or excess of alerts for you. This is very dangerous for you because – in such a situation – you are most likely to miss the most important and urgent alters. There is another possibility that you fail to get the critical alerts which can cause adverse impact to your finance and others businesses. Alongside this proactively preventing faults and bugs in programming by supporting you with technical support make us unique in our approach.

In our Complete Care maintenance plan – we do complete end to end database maintenance for you. With us- you can easily focus on your core business because we take complete care of your all DBA related work. Our Complete Care plan masters each of you DBA activity to keep the database in a good health. In Complete Care plan, we ensure that cost is minimal for you and you don’t end up spending extra money on buying tools or engaging additional experts separately for performance tuning and High Availability solutions. We do end to end DBA work for you.
We provide you an essential safeguard for protecting critical data stored in your SQL Server databases. We expertly backup your database at regular intervals to minimize the risk of catastrophic data loss. This helps you recover your data from many unexpected failure in database.
You should source only when you need it. All data which is stored in your database loads your server. You must have a large amount of data which is very old and you do not require immediately. You cannot delete it. You want to keep it for compliance and auditing purposes. We help you archive it optimally.


We take complete responsibility for new and existing databases, testing and developing them from their initial planning stages, gathering data, and ensuring they continue to function effectively for you. Alongside this proactively preventing faults and bugs in programming by supporting you with technical support make us unique in our approach.
Interestingly! two similar queries can run vary significantly in terms of their processing time. We are experts in creating query codes and optimizing them for you. We minimize their processing time by identifying and tuning the queries which are stuck and taking longest of the times. Thus, we improve the query functioning to reduce significant amount of time and effort for you.

The SQL Server Database Engine can display how it navigates tables and uses indexes to access or process the data for a query or other statements This is a display of an execution plan. We review and analyze the performance of your queries. it is useful to examine the query execution plan to determine what is causing the problem.

SQL Server Integration Services is particularly well suited for automating oft-used data transformation processes. Any transformation tasks that are performed manually on a consistent data source should be able to be automated using SSIS. It’s also very well suited for database to database data migration, whether it is one-time ad-hoc requests or common scheduled tasks. From tuning packages, to performing complex data migrations, to scrubbing data and supercharging your ETL process, our remote DBAs will work with you through every step, ensuring unmatched results.

To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need to extend information beyond the walls of their organization and seamlessly interact with customers, partners, and suppliers in real time. SSRS is a comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports.

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) delivers online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. With our remote DBAs you can harness the power of SSAS easily and can manage, maintain, and develop your warehouses so that you get a unified and fully-integrated view of your business data. This will render to your business online analytical processing (OLAP), key performance indicators (KPI), and powerful data mining capabilities.

Power BI is the simplest, lowest-cost way to put key performance metrics up in lights so everyone, from the CEO down, can focus on strategy and profitability. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to become a data analytics expert. Users at every level are able to visualize data and gather the insights they need to make smarter business decisions. However simple and easy it looks from the outside, behind the scenes work to launch Power BI can be really daunting. Our seasoned professionals help you with planning and designing dashboards that cut through the business and architecture challenges and build dashboards that reflect your needs and goals. While these reports and dashboards are visually stunning, at the same time, they are completely data driven and as result you’ll be able to glean valuable insights about your business and make smarter decisions.
Our remote DBAs help you with SSRS reports that have interactive components, intelligent filters, flexible parameters, automated executions and which get delivered to your inbox instantly.

We transform your data into intelligent action. If you have a data warehouse, we believe you should be able to access meaningful data quickly. Your data warehouse should enable you to understand the data’s underlying implications and allow you to take instant actions. We build your data warehouses with one goal in mind: Resolve any barriers between you, your data, and your success. We can assure that your DW is running at optimum speeds at all times.Your Content Goes Here










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